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Elsewhere: Tournament of Muppets

I promise I’m not usually this obsessed with Muppets, but there is just so much awesomeness coming out before the release of their new movie that I HAVE to post it. I must! It is irrestible!

That’s right, Kermit. I cannot resist you.

So here’s this March Madness-style bracket that pits Muppets against each other to determine the greatest. My money’s on the frog.

Tournament Of Muppets 

Though The Great Gonzo could also have staying power. It’s the nose.


Everyone pretend it’s Thursday

And read this excellent article about the author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

A Fiery Gospel

You know that saying, “Well behaved women rarely make history?” It completely applies here. Thanks, Julia Ward Howe, for not submitting when you’re husband tried to stop your poetry.

Elsewhere: Doing Your Thing

I had a pretty great day at law school today. For the moment, law school is my thing.

Doing Your Thing

And catalouging awesome things is this guy’s thing. It’s a great things, and he often makes me happy. I commend him to you.

Do your thing!

Elsewhere: Uniform Project

This amazing project was started by one woman wearing the same black dress for a year as a fundraising project/statement on over-consumption. It’s spread and raised a boatload of money for a bunch of worthy causes. And her sense of accessorizing is killer.

The Uniform Project

As a former 13-year-old whose favorite band was then the Spice Girls, can I just say


What would you do for a year to raise this kind of money?

(I promise the Elsewheres will end soon – I’ve got my own content-filled posts planned…as soon as life calms itself a tad.)

Elsewhere: Homemade Dish Soap

It sounds a little crazy to make your own dish soap, and yet, if it’s kinder to the Earth AND less expensive, maybe it makes sense. Over here at the Mouse Casa, we are thinking about trying it.

If you’re as crazy as we are, the recipe is over here

Homemade Liquid Dish Soap

And if we follow through with this idea, you’d better believe I’ll be posting about it.

Elsewhere: Duty of Hope

As always, the incomparable Wendell Berry:

Hope is One of Our Duties

It’s tempting to despair. It’s easy to despair. It’s hard to love, to have faith, to hope.  Why try? Mr. Berry says, “A part of our obligation to our own being and to our descendants is to study our life and our condition, searching always for the authentic underpinnings of hope.”

Hope, then, because we owe it to ourselves and those who come after us to find what’s good, what it worthy of being hopeful about.

Today I will hope. I hope you hope too.

Elsewhere: Rabbit Hopping

That’s right. Rabbit hopping. As a competitive enterprise.

European Rabbit Hopping Championships

Just try not to smile.

Happy Friday!

The Mouse