Dress Like a Pro

The end of my grad school days is officially upon me. I successfully finished all my studies and graduated back in May. This means many things for my life. It means that my flexible schedule will soon have fallen by the wayside, that the weekend will mean more again; it means the return of paychecks, hallelujah, and the start of a long-planned career. But most importantly for today..

It means my wardrobe has got to change.

I love buying clothes that aren’t just clothes. I’m totally sucked in, for better or for worse, by one-for-one type operations, like Toms. I buy clothes really infrequently, and I thought for sure there was something like that out there for a professional wardrobe, and I could buy a pair of pants or two. Right? Look spiffy, help support some great community organization. This was sure to be a win-win.

Turns out there isn’t.

At least not that I can find. I found some GREAT clothing companies. KNO Clothing. Threads for Thought. Seer Outfitters. Justus, which donates underwear to homeless shelters, a topic on which I could wax poetic for hours. Even Threadless tee’s that benefit UNICEF. Be still my beating heart! But nothing for work. I love a good t-shirt. I love some nice underwear, but can a soon-to-be lawyer get a blazer here? Apparently not.

I think this is an untapped market here, folks. I cannot possibly be the only one who had this thought, went looking, and came up empty.

So I charge you, dear Internet, to fix this. We could do a little more good.



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