Stockpiling Recipes

The CSA check is in the mail, but winter is still in the air. So for now, I will not be making delicious things out of vegetables in a box, but there is nothing at all that says I can’t get ready.

I’ve heard that two things in particular show themselves in abundance in CSA boxes around these parts: greens and peaches.

What better place to begin in stockpiling recipes, then, than to start with recipes for greens and peaches. The internet tells me there are oh-so-many ways to make these two raw ingredients even more delicious. These are some of my favorite places to look for tasty things.


From 101 cookbooks: Winter Pasta, Poached Eggs Over Rice

From SmittenKitchen: Baked Kale Chips, Barley Risotto with Beans and Greens, Spinach Quiche

From Simply Recipes: Kale with Sausage and White Beans, Colcannon

From Cooking Light: Autumn Apple and Spinach Salad, Swiss Chard Spanikopita Casserole


From 101 Cookbooks: Plum and Peach Crisp

From SmittenKitchen: Peach Cupcakes (which I might turn into muffins)

From Simply Recipes: Blueberry Peach Fruit Salad, Peach Salsa

From Cooking Light: Summer Peach and Tomato SaladSparking Peach Sangria!

Looking those up brought such a cascade of deliciousness into my life. Can I make these all, right now, please?




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