City Love: Trains!

Not the big ones that carry you and me to and fro, in higher volume than usual this week I’m sure, but the little ones that can be seen chugging and whirling along at Union Station starting today.

Union Station Holiday Train Show

I know, I know, it’s one more bit of Christmas before Thanksgiving, but it’s also absolutely magical. And if you’re offended by Christmas Creep – come back in December!

Sometimes, it’s really enjoyable to live in a city with surprises around every corner. Sometimes, you’re just running a quick errand when a train exhibit appears around a corner, complete with big-eyed kids watching the simple and beautiful locomotion unfold. It totally made my day, and made me think about how pretty the city is around Christmas, when it puts on its finest.

I can’t wait for the giant wreathes to go up on the front of Union Station, and storefront windows to be tended with care.

On the other hand, I can wait for the endless holiday soundtracks that play in stores, some of which have already started. Doesn’t matter how many times I hear it, Baby It’s Cold Outside will always creep me out. Back off, dude!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, on the other hand, can stay. Also the Peanuts theme.

Now apparently I’m contributing to the ever-expanding holiday season by holding forth on my favorite Christmas tunes pre-Thanksgiving. For shame! When I should instead be extolling the magic of Thanksgiving, a holiday for which there are no presents to buy, and the main event is a meal shared with those you love. More on that tomorrow.

Until then, a Very Merry Thanksgiving Week to you all, and to all, a good night.


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