City Love: Cheap Eats

I feel that the only way to follow up yesterday’s more serious take on the recession and its effects on us is with a more lighthearted take. And apparently, that will take the form of me declaring my undying love for cheap, delicious food.

There is no one like a hungry grad student (except perhaps our cousin, the unpaid intern) to hunt down the best food and drink to be had for little money. DC is a notoriously difficult place to find good bargains for anything, and food is no exception. It has taken my parents years of visiting to get used to what our lunch tab will be, just about every single time.

But luckily, if you look around, there are good deals to be found. My favorite starting place for any culinary search is the Washington Post’s Going Out Guide’s Best Bets section. The editors break down their pics for things like best hamburger or best for groups or best vegetarian.

And sure enough, there is a Best Cheap Eats. I trust that all of these places are wonderful. But today I simply must tell you that a prime candidate for best cheap eats in the city is Taqueria Nacional.

It’s a hole in the wall place – you’d never know it’s there if you weren’t looking, but man oh man, once you find it, your DC taco scene will never be the same again. My personal favorite is the fish taco. Chorizo also blows me away.

Now I really want some tacos.

And I feel my mission today is complete – spreading taco love throughout the land.

What’s your favorite cheap food spot?


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