City Love: Cyclops Pumpkin

Guys, it turns out that this November is a terrible month for me to have committed to posting every day. But commit I did, so today I shall tell you the story of when I carved this here pumpkin:

We threw a pumpkin carving party. We called it BYOP. We ate pumpkin flavored things like THIS, and drank pumpkin ale. Next year, for Halloween, I highly recommend throwing or finding such a party of your own. It was super easy to put together (since the most challenging part of pumpkin carving is always finding the pumpkin!) and we got to have a fun, chill time with friends.

And we got to have a cyclops pumpkin grace our apartment for nearly two weeks. He was very friendly, and obligingly did not go moldy until after Halloween.

We had many spirited debates about whether he was a friendly pumpkin or an evil pumpkin. He does look like he’s smiling, so he might be friendly, but then again, that’s a lot of teeth. I ended up deciding that he unintentionally looks just like Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc. So, friendly it is.

Thanks, cyclops pumpkin. You’re the best.


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