City Love: Coffee Shop

I had the pleasure of getting coffee with two of my very favorite women today. We went to a hispter-friendly independent coffee shop where Micheal Jackson played in the background for almost the entirety of our chatting session. I’m not sure the people trying to work appreciated our laugh-filled gabbing, but I left feeling happy and healthy and loved, so I’m hoping my guilt will subside.

Actual quote from this conversation: Ooo, this is sexy. You should write about this on your blog.

UPDATED: The quoted person has corrected me. She said that our conversation was spicy. That it was.

Alas, I will not be sharing with you the sexy things I talk about in public, much to the dude on his laptop’s dismay, but suffice it to say that we laughed, we cried, and we assured each other that we could each get through another day.

There is something so simple and wonderful about sitting with a cup of coffee (technically, I got pellegrino this time) and a good friend and simply relaxing into each other’s company. Living in the city can feel very impersonal – you don’t know the people on the street or at the coffee table next to you or on the bus or in the office directly above yours – and it makes meeting friends for coffee feel like a minor miracle. There you are, sitting alone like everyone else, when “Hello!” “It’s you!” “I know you!” suddenly you have company. And as Charlie Brown reminds us, though happiness is being alone every now and then, happiness is also sharing and getting along and coming home to those you love.

I often find deep wisdom things that are meant for children.

Though many days, I’m the one working hard in the coffee shop, and there is something great about that as well, today, I got to be the one laughing with friends. Today was a good day.


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