Practice: Grown-up Clothes

(This is sort of a fake “Practice” post. I had this idea that I would post things that I do regularly that make living in the city, in my twenties, and just living in general go a bit better, but it turns out that I haven’t wanted to post all that much about those things. I was about to say that I don’t have that many things that I do, but I think that’s wrong. I think I just haven’t identified them yet, in a coherent, blog-worthy way. Right now it would be something like, “I baked bread!” and then I don’t know how to say why that makes me so happy. So today I’m writing about something that I didn’t set out to do because I thought it would be a good idea, but just happened and made my day better today.)

ANYWAY. What I’m writing about today is how amazingly awesome life is while wearing a black suit, if you’re trying to get something serious done. This does not apply to all professions equally. For nurses, it’s all about the scrubs. For techie start-up types, there is no reason to lose those jeans. Pastors have whole complicated garments that they often don to do their pastor things. But for the budding lawyers among us, on a day in court, it is all about the suit.

Today, I did went to court, and wore a suit. That’s exciting, but then something else happened. I did most of the things that I usually do. I caught up on my email, I did some work for class, I organized case files, but as I did so, I felt like a superhero. This happens every time I have an interview or a court date, and run around with my black flats and my sassy polka-dotted sleveless shell under my black suit armor. I feel invincible. I feel responsible. I feel like people think I’m taller! It’s fantastsic.

I have a bit of a complex that people are not taking me seriously. It comes with the short stature and the baby face that my mama gave me. Also with that whole being female thing (sexism exists, y’all). Rocking the full on professional garb alleviates some of that, and I think that is why I enjoy it so very much. But even more than that, it makes me take my own self more seriously. Why yes, I will respond in a timely manner to that well crafted email. Why yes, I will avoid the frozen yogurt in the cafeteria, because I do not, in fact NEED it the way I think I do. And but of course, I will get those job applications out the door. I have a suit on already, after all.

I have a feeling that this feeling is temporary, and that there will come a time soon (maybe when I have a full-time job? Is that going to happen?), when the suit won’t feel magical. It will just feel like what I wear. Until that day, this is an inadvertent practice that I think is pretty great.

What are your power clothes?


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