NaBloPoMo: Why

Today is November first, and in addition to being the day upon which I was born, it begins National Blog Posting Month, or, inevitably, NaBloPoMo. You have probably heard of this event if you like to read blogs, but just in case, it’s a month where the goal is to post to your blog every day. There’s a whole website and everything.

The idea of NaBloPoMo is that, just by forcing yourself to write something, your writing gets better and your blog gets better, and you get to feel all accomplished and warm and fuzzy. And I’m sure all that’s true. But it takes more than good intentions to do what’s good for us, and I’m finding myself pre-emptively rationalizing not doing it, when there should be nothing stopping me.

Blogging something every single day for a month is going to be quite the challenge for me. I am a sporadic-at-best blogger, and chronically suffer from a toxic combination of writer’s block, low confidence that anyone would want to read my writing, and just plain laziness. I suspect I am not alone. Blogging, if you want to have a good one, is a discipline. You have to put yourself out there, you have to actually sit, not talk to anyone, and tell the world what you think . No wonder there are so many abandoned blogs out there. I think I personally have at least 4.

This is how it usually goes. (Internal Monologue alert!) What if I post for two days and then stop? What if I post a bunch of stuff and it’s all terrible? What if I think everything I post is awesome but I’m wrong? What if it starts to invade other parts of my life? Who do I think cares about what I have to say, anyway? What if I don’t have anything to say?

These are the kinds of things that have been going through my head all day, and yet, somehow, here I am, typing a post to post today, stating, for all the Internet to see, that I’m going to try. Why do it?

But that’s not the right question, and I know it. The question is, why not? Maybe I don’t have anything special to say. Maybe I will get busy and forget (or “forget:” code for “rather watch tv”). Maybe this blog isn’t about anything interesting the way my favorite blogs are, but maybe that’s just because I don’t have a thing. Or maybe writing is my thing and I just haven’t tapped into it yet. I completely admit that all of these things are possible, and I want to do it anyway. I want to do this because I like a challenge, and I feel like something cool might come out of it. That I might find that I really like blogging (I sure like reading blogs!) and that I keep going with it.

Hopefully not all of my blog posts will be this META, but I make no promises. In fact, I have just decided that this will be the theme of NaBloPoMo for me: No Promises. Well, I promise to post every day, but beyond that, I cannot tell you. It might be a word or two, it might be a link to something else, it might be an extended treatise on the world according to me. This blog is a work in progress.

Wait, that’s exciting. This blog is a work in progress! I’m putting it in a month-long incubator, and seeing what comes out the other side.


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