Halfway Somewhere

We’ve gone as far west as we’re planning to go, and this morning, for the first time, we got on a freeway heading east. We’ve travelled all the way out to the farthest tip of our map, and now we’re making our way home.

Meandering our way home is more like it. If the trip back is as much fun as the trip there, we will have had a wonderful time indeed.

A little bit of that wonderful-ness was the brewery in Shiner where we stopped for a brief tour and samples of their amazing beer. Any place that will fill your cup for free just for driving out there is okay by me, and we got to listen to a proud tour guide go on and about how wonderful their beer is. We learned that this Texas brewery that is two hours from anything (we know, we drove it) won a competition held in Munich for the best Munich-style ale. And we had some.

It feels fitting that San Antonio marked the westward apex of our drive, because the countryside around San Antonio is about as iconically westward expansion as you can get. Open fields, barbed wire fences, cattle, and you really can see the whole sky. It’s almost enough to make you want to be a cowboy. It’s beautiful, and it feels far from where we’ve come.

Even though we’re almost two thousand miles from where we live, anywhere you have family feels like home, and San Antonio treated us well. We had our own personal tour guides in my sister and her husband, and they showed us the sights, both the typical tourist sights (hello, Alamo!) and the personal ones that comprise their daily lives. We walked around downtown and down that walk by the river that San Antonio is famous for, just for as long as we could stand it in the heat. A brief ice cream break helped tremendously. But really, ice cream always does. Especially when you’re in Texas and can eat Bluebell!

While we’re at it, let me tell you some more about the food. We ate breakfast tacos for lunch at one of those great little places that word has gotten out about. It used to be a college hangout and neighborhood place that just happened to serve the best tacos you’ve ever had. Then they were featured in national media all over the place, and now there can be a line out the door. I’m happy to spread the word too,because they deserve every bit of the business AND because we were lucky enough to not have to wait. So here’s your travel tip: if you’re ever in San Antonio, eat at Taco Taco. Bonus tip: stop by Rudy’s for barbeque, too. I never thought turkey could taste that good.

But the best part was sitting around, laughing and talking with family. It’s not just where you go, it’s the people you go with and the people you see when you get there.

The sunset’s in our rearview mirror now, and soon we’ll be on the beach. After, of course, New Orleans round two.


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