On Our Way

Your regularly scheduled DC life will now be taking a short break to pack up what you need into Rosie the Mini, put on some shades and hit the highway!

My darling husband and I are taking the time we have between our summer lives and classes re-starting in the fall to drive halfway across the country. We’ll visit my family in Texas, his family in South Carolina, and in between, hit New Orleans and camp on the beach with a TENT in Florida. It should be a welcome break from city living. This means that this (sadly dormant of late) blog will be briefly transformed into a travelogue. I don’t know what we’ll see or exactly what we’ll do, but I do know that I would love to write about it here. So today, I’m hoping. Today we set out.

In case you couldn’t tell from my excessive capitalization in the preceding paragraph, I’m very excited about the camping part of our adventures. I don’t really camp, but I married into a tent, all sorts of camping supplies and one very knowledgeable Eagle Scout, so a-camping we will go. I’m hoping the sand is soft, the sunsets are beautiful, and the food tastes like only food grilled on the beach can taste.

New Orleans should be fun of a different sort. I’ve never been as a grown-up, but have heard rumored that there is fun to to be had there. Really, good food, drink and music is what I’m hoping for. I’m pretty sure New Orleans can deliver. In fact, we’re so sure that we’re planning to stay there twice – once on the way to Texas and once on the way back home again. Two times the Big Easy.

And of course, I’m hoping for wonderful restorative family time. Like being re-inflated.  I’m hoping that two solid weeks in a tiny car together doesn’t totally destroy our baby marriage, but only makes it stronger.

Before we transition into full-on vacation mode, I should say a fond farewell to my summer gig helping out prisoners at the jail. I don’t think I’ve fully processed yet, so I may wait to write a full post on that. Suffice it to say that it was wonderful, difficult, and extraordinarily memorable. Here’s to those who keep doing good where good is sorely needed.

And here’s to The Road Trip, that great American tradition. I’ll raise my glass tonight to Eisenhower, his inter-state highway system, and the grand blessing of taking two weeks to just drive.


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