Practice: Making Things

It’s all about words, my job, which I love. Love, love, love. I was one of those kids who couldn’t ever get enough books because I was always finishing them. When I got to college and started taking English classes I was in heaven – really – we just read books and talk about them and then write about them? This is the best! And now I read laws and try to use them to help people, which is also, in it’s own way, the best.

It also takes a very long time. And maybe it’s my American need for instant gratification or just my human need to create, make something, change my environment a little, but I’m finding that I love making things. Taking something in my hands and changing it into something else. So that then I can look at it and say – that. I did that. Mostly it’s food (hey, that used to be frozen vegetables and now it’s COOKED vegetables), or, slightly more impressively, knitting (hey, that used to be yarn and now it’s a hat!).

In fact sometimes I get a little carried away and just get so impressed with the transformations I can’t stand it. Because, come on, some of these things seem pretty magical. That used to be flour and now it’s BREAD. That’s amazing! How can just stirring some things together, letting it sit and then putting it in an oven do that, really? How can repetitive motion with two sticks turn what is essentially string into a sweater? I’m convinced there is some magic involved in that. Though in the case of knitting, it’s not very speedy magic.

There’s a quote from 30 Rock where Alec Baldwin knocks up his girlfriend and then says, “I, like God, have created man.”

I don’t say that. I do spend a lot of time saying: I MADE that. I made THAT. I have created order from chaos, edible sustenance from inedible raw things, clothing from some yarn I bought last week! Ok, I don’t say exactly that either, but I do stand in awe of our ability as people to make change when change needs to be made, even if it’s in something small.

So today, here’s to that.


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