City Love: My Own Two Feet

I love walking in the city. The tag-line for this site, “Long walks on concrete” comes from the fact that I always want to list walking around the city as one of my interests, personals ad style. Sometimes I channel a friend of mine who used to get offended when things were not in walking distance.

What do you mean I have to take the metro? I have two legs, why can’t they get me there??

My actual own two feet

I appreciate pounding the pavement as practical (no traffic), environmentally friendly (no exhaust fumes), healthy (get that heart rate up), and therapeutic (one foot in front of the other). I’m in a grad program that is heavy on the delayed gratification. You sit in class all semester and eventually produce an exam or paper at the end. But in the vast middle, I often feel an intense need to accomplish something. This is why I knit (more on that another day), but also why I walk to do my errands. There is something about the self-propulsion, the timing of traffic lights, the toting of things home on my shoulder that is so satisfying.

I have journeyed, and I have returned home victorious. My job is finished.

I live in a beautiful city where this is possible, and I hope I never stop appreciating that. Sure, walkable cities make all kinds of policy sense, but day to day, I appreciate them on a much more personal level. I don’t have to get in Rosie the Mini to pick up dinner, or get to school or go to church, and that’s pretty cool. My own two feet can carry my there, and I can enjoy the scenery while I go. Sometimes, it’s just the relaxing break I could use. One foot in front of the other gets you there, and then gets you home.


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